Lines for a reflection (Rabat 1982)

Lines for a reflection

Rabat, 1982

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I will not now walk
wet streets evenings
in the shop lights,
yellow lamplights,
moon, and beacon
headlights of the
slushing cars and
evening buses.

Ten years ago
that would have been
romantic in the way
that being tired
and getting wet
and generally
can tend to be

romantic. Now
I lounge beneath
Moroccan skies
of reliable blue
(“300 days
of sunshine every
year”, the brochures
boast). There is a lot

to be said for vulgar
for Boulaouane
and hot bstella,
and Arab women
with minds like sewers,
for a calm, mature
disregard for

a tuning of
the faculties
of wonder and
to a happy
lust for living
in the present.