for S_____

for S____

London, 2nd November 2009

All poems copyright of Chris Stuart Hutchison / Air & Water Publishing Co.
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and i am small and lost, and old
and empty as a glass at dawn
a night and lives away, and cold
as candles snuffed and curtains drawn

and you are where you are, and snagged
my soul and wrenched it as you went
and left my body bound and gagged
and lightless as a candle spent

and cannot move and cannot mourn
but wait, and hope to hope, and years
can pass uncounted, candles worn
to wax a calender of tears

but you are vaster than the skies
above the night and wine-black bed
and love the chains and tight the ties
that leash the living, swathe the dead

and i am small and lost, and old
as windows misted in the night
stare down on crumpled sheets grown cold,
while wine-drained glasses loose their hold
and candles lose the will for light