Death and the Lady

Death and the Lady

London, 27th January 2011

All poems copyright of Christopher Hutchison / Air & Water Publishing Co.
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we are dead men, we are trash
we are the tethers you discard
we are the bones that you have broken
are the flesh that you have scarred
are the bodies you have toyed with
are the shadows who adored
and those who love too much
have loved enough to be ignored

and skies cannot encompass
nor bright stars but dull, amazed
Our Lady of the Nail and Thorn
a smile, an eyebrow raised
and you sigh with studied grace
oh, how so quickly you are bored
with those who’ve loved too much
yet loved enough to be ignored

and on bloodied knees one begs you
and another weighs his chain
one naked on the stony ground
one cruciform in pain
and you betray them with a kiss
trade cruelties for their trust
but tomorrow I embrace you
and you’ll follow as you must

and you will walk and I shall walk
and palm leaves pierce our soles
and I shall speak of Hanging Men
and you may speak of Fools
and the hill will rise before us
and I’ll point you to the spot
and those who’ve loved too much
may shed a tear or maybe not