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Short fiction (stories and novellas)

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    • A Night in March
    • The Hitchhiker
  • The Good People
  • Zip
  • The History Lesson
  • [t.b.c.]



Official Secrets


I’ve been writing all my life. I’ve almost no recollection of the short stories I wrote before the age of 11, and probably just as well; but from 11 to perhaps 13, under the pernicious influence of such pulp fiction comics as Weird Tales and Amazing Stories, I was writing primarily short science-fiction and fantasy. Théophile_GautierI began writing poetry at (so far as I remember) 14 years old, influenced more by Dylan and Donovan than by the poetry I was reading at that time, though certainly from that age on would also be falling under the influence of French and English surrealist poets such as Hugh Sykes-Davies, Robert Desnos, David Gascoyne, and Paul Éluard.

Guillaume ApollinaireAt 16 I was reading Guillaume Apollinaire and Jacques Prévert, and by 17 or 18 deeply immersed in French poetry of the 19th (Gérard de Nerval, Théophile Gautier, Charles Baudelaire, Jules Laforgue, Arthur Rimbaud) and early 20th centuries, all reflected in my writing at that time.

In my early twenties I was reading Pound, Eliot, Robert Duncan and the Black Mountain poets, probably the most disastrous influences in my writing career–I was trying to be too darn clever and I think I failed. Most of my writing from that period is frankly too painfully pretentious to re-read now.

Other than a couple of (still unfinished) novels, a play, and a few short stories, I wrote little between the late 1970s and 2009, focusing rather on my professional career. The samples of my work in the collection presented in the pages of this web site therefore represent for the most part my output from the 1970s and from the last five or six years. Only now, turned 60, do I confidently feel I am beginning to find my ‘voice’. Better late than never …